New Year, New Me!

Glow Getter, make this 2024 season all about you and make this one unforgettable! 

I know our dream job in life is to control things that were never created nor designed to be controlled, so what if we take a step back for a second. Imagine this: You're living inside of this larger than life bubble and all you see is chaos around you. Think big here- there are cars on fire, crying babies, a burning bridge (now we're talking) and you're walking right through the middle of it... in peace! Do you know why? Because you read this blog and you realized you had to stop caring about the things that no longer serve you this time around. You stopped worrying about the things that you cannot and will never be able to control and (here's my favorite part) you started working on how you could change from within rather than changing other people.

Now, obviously we are all in different stages of our lives. Yours may look like not caring that your coworker, Bob, who always trauma dumps you on the worst days, looks like they need an ear or a shoulder to lean on today - reminder, you gave Bob an ear 4 times this week - take a break. While mine may look like not begging someone for date night but allowing another man to text me "reservations at 8pm!" - (cough, cough), sounds personal, because it is lol.

All in all, allow this year to be a start or continuation of giving "our best" at something healthy and something different. Our best efforts will look different for all of us, but I must say - something anew is brewing and I don't want you to miss this train! We've had enough heartache, suffering, sadness and pain in these last few years. It's time to reap the good harvest that we've sown. So hop on this train called life, enjoy the ride and make it a good one! All aboard, baby! 

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