Ariel Smith, also known as Flo, is the founder of Glow With Flo, a skin care brand that is more than products- it is a movement that solely focuses on the holistic health of the individual. 

As someone who is on her own mental health journey along with her experience and education, with her Masters Degree in Social Work, she has been committed to presenting avenues for women to practice Self-Care. 

It is common for women to spend a lot of time taking care of the needs of others before taking care of themselves. Our products encourage women to take an extra 30 minutes out of their day to cater to their own needs. Something as simple as our Margarita Body Slushie during shower time, or applying our Body Soufflés, could help change the course of a day and may reduce stress. If the shower time starts off as being the only time someone has for Self-Care, then so be it. We have to start somewhere! 

Now, Flo is committed to providing the best creations and formulating the best products for people around the world. Flo's mission is to promote Self-Care and Self-Awareness throughout our community, for women and men, by, first, education. 

Some may refer to Self-Care as selfish, but we know far too well how it feels to continuously give yourself when you have nothing left. Here, at Glow With Flo, we are fixing the narrative: so join us on this journey to Self-Fulfillment and learn from us as we learn from you! And always remember, Self-Care is more than just a Sunday Funday option, it is simply your birthright!