Me Vs. Me

In honor of the Super Bowl weekend:


The night before the “big day”, my friend asked me what my plans were for the Super Bowl, and I shrugged my shoulders, sat and thought about it, “I don’t know. I don’t even know who’s playing”. We laughed and we came to the conclusion that we were going to go to some bar to watch the game. In the morning, though, I had a thought - what if we cheered for ourselves on some “Me versus Me” type of stuff? Like what if we hosted our very own watch party to celebrate you versus the old you? 


We go through so much in this lifetime, and sometimes we forget to celebrate our small victories. In the famous world of TikTok, “A win is a win”. It’s time we celebrate our wins and appreciate the fact that we are not who we used to be. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are more even-tempered than last year. Let’s be excited about how mature we’ve become when it comes to our responses - we’re learning how to be proactive instead of reactive. And can we finally celebrate the fact that our decision making is wayyy better than what it used to be? We’ve been working on our impulses and intrusive thoughts. We’ve been trying to really learn our lessons, and even if we have a minor setback, we don’t fester on it and allow it to get us off track. We’re learning how to fail forward instead of backwards, and we are learning how to master the art of discernment, Self-Care, and setting healthy boundaries.


No matter how big or how small your win is, celebrate the fact that you are no longer the person you used to be. People from our past pop up out of nowhere just to remind us of that very thing - we are not the person that they remember. Though they may say we are moving differently, we can simply remind them that we are moving forward. At the end of the day, it’s me versus me, and with that alone, it leaves no room for jealousy and resentment towards others. Their journey is not our journey, and we’re doing one hell of a job! Keep pressing and keep moving forward, Glow Getter, we’re on our way!

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