Introduction to Self-Care

Have you ever over-extended yourself and gave too much of your time, money, advice and patience to your job, family or friends, then promised yourself that it was time to put your foot down and say no next time because you just couldn't take it anymore!? Only to find yourself doing it all over again for the next person or the next 'just this one time' project? What about making promises that you couldn't keep, like telling your friends you're for sure coming out this Saturday, knowing you and Sleep had a date planned ALL weekend to catch up? And please don't get me started on this "Eat, Work, Sleep, and Repeat" schedule that we've become accustomed to as "adults". I know that topic alone is for another day, but I promise you, you are not the only one who has ever bent over backwards for things and people, just to get "tired and worn out" in return. But I have some good news, a new you is coming 'round the mountain, Honey, and as your newfound friend, I am here to show you how to pause, take a breather and make the most out of your Me-time to prepare you for all types of days ahead.

This is for the ones who find doing anything outside of what they need to do is "not gone happen", and for the ones who feel like they can do it all- I call those Captain Save-A... you get it! Although, many of us would like to practice saving the world piece by piece, we all know it is truly impossible and some of us need to take a break and sit down while we are still alive to do so! Okay? 

Now, I am totally aware that your schedules can be all over the place and in your mind you simply have no time to do anything else besides work, eat and sleep. But GOOD NEWS: if you eat, poop, shower, sleep and repeat- you are perfect for this. I see you raising your eyebrow trying to figure out how in the world is that even possible, but to tell you the truth, for many of us- some of those moments are the only times we get to ourselves for peace and quiet. Are you picking up what I'm throwing down, yet? If not, no worries, we have plenty of time to get through this together. We aren't called "Glow With Flo" for nothing- 

Glow is the end goal in mind and I do mean from the inside out!

With is to show that you aren't alone on this life-changing journey.

And as for Flo, well, you are on this journey with me- there's no way that we can do this by ourselves, and I tried it so you don't have to! So grab your glass of libations and let's get this Self-Care show on the road, shall we?


For starters, a lot of us already, unintentionally, practice Self-Care, we just may not call it what it is. For instance:

1. You hang out with the ladies tonight because "You deserve it!" after working your butt off on that midterm paper.

2. You get a day off from the kids and your spouse, so you decide to enjoy your freedom by taking a nap.

3. Your children go off to college, so you and a group of friends start a new tradition of Karaoke Night on Thursdays

or my favorite

 4. You do absolutely nothing!


All Self-Care is, is giving yourself some TLC and listening to your mind, body and soul. Or in simpler terms, if something isn't right, you fix it! 

Did I just hear you ask "why do I need to incorporate Self-Care into my daily routine, again?"- Great question! I got you!

Have you ever tried to study for a test or rehearse a presentation and pull an all-nighter just to finally get to class or work and totally blow it or not do as well as you wanted? Or how about you taking long blinks at the steering wheel because you didn't get much sleep the night before? What about cramming 3-4 cups of coffee into your day because you believed it would be a healthy form of 'energy'? Don't worry, I'm not judging :-). Do you have someone in your life who always takes from you, (whether it's money, gifts, your kindness for weakness, etc.) but never gives anything back to you, yet, you have an issue with telling them no? What about the negative feelings and emotions that arise when "so and so" walks into the room and seemingly annoys the crap out of you for simply being? I'm sorry, did I just invade your space for a second? Don't worry- I'm done... kinda. 

All of these examples of procrastination, lack of sleep, unhealthy diets and non-existent boundaries, insecurities or deep rooted unforgiveness, etc. were formed and created out of habit! Meaning, we do these things because it's simply what we are most comfortable with and what we are used to doing- but imagine a world where you start paying attention to what you consume, and who you allow into your energy and how much sleep you get and what you listen to or watch on a daily basis? I just said imagine, don't start saying "no" or making up reasons why you will not do or change anything just yet! However, if any of these examples resonated with you, pay attention to the feelings that are associated with those thoughts (aka mindfulness): If I said the words "coffee" and you squirmed or shifted in your seat- it is a sign of being "uncomfortable"- which also means change is near if it is necessary (quote me). 

The purpose of self-care is to not be your boss by telling you what to do- It's just taking accountability for your actions and realizing some things may need to change before it becomes too late. 


 UP NEXT: 15 Ways To Self-Care The Right Way (for you!)



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    Flo May 24, 2021

    It is so important to be in tune with mind body and spirit. I am truly blessed by your words of encouragement and the wisdom you possess, clearly demonstrated in your narrative. My skin loves your products and to date, I have never seen anyone disclose product shelf life openly. Thank you for your commitment and God bless. 🙏🏾❤

    Mattie Coble April 21, 2021

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