5 Ways To Safely Include Others Into Your Self-Care Routine

Like I said before, Self-Care is about how you take care of yourself and put your needs before others, FIRST! It is truly a necessity. HOWEVER, we were created to want and feel a sense of community, friendship and to experience an epic social life! So in this post, I will take you through 5 ideas and plans you can make if people MUST be included in your plans:

  1. Host a Sip & Glow Party, DIY Paint and Sip, Game Night, Truth or Drink, Listening Parties, etc.. BE CREATIVE!
  2. Grab lunch and sit in the trunk of your cars- you'll still be around each other and safe! If it's you and Bae, order in and have a date night!
  3. Have Bae give you a massage using one of our Body Oils! Need I say more? 
  4. Donate your time or give to the homeless or someone in need by volunteering at a shelter or a food pantry! (I already told you about giving too much, but for people who are truly in need, we'll make an exception for this one.) Use your best judgment!
  5. Take a moment to check in with your friends and family- you know, the ones you haven't spoken to in a while but are always on your mind! Call them and check in- after you've checked in with yourself first, of course!


So, there you have it folks: A simple guide on the Introduction to Self-Care. Be on the lookout for our future blog posts, because if you enjoyed this one, you will love what we have in store! Comment below and let me know what Self-Care tips worked for you and what other tips you would like to share with our community! After reading this and you still believe you don't have time for Self-Care, comment below and tell us why so we can come up with a plan- because all things are possible, my friends!


Happy Reading!

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