15 Ways To Self-Care the Right Way (for you!)

To better understand what Self-Care is, let me, first, tell you what it is NOT: 

1. It is NOT for play-play! If you are not going to truly commit to Self-Care, then it won't commit to you! You will not be able to help and "save" other people when you can't even save yourself. You know when you get on an airplane and they say to cover your nose and mouth first before helping someone else in the event of a crash? Well the same concept applies- Commit to the process and understand that your life matters, too (and many times, first)!

2. It is NOT selfish! I don't care, I don't care- I said what I said. If you keep pouring into others and taking care of them with no one caring for you in return- that can be exhausting and THAT is selfish for the ones who continuously take time away from your personal healing, mending and caring for yourself! (And no I am not talking about your children under the ages of 18- nice try!)

3. It is NOT for "rich people only" (whatever that even means)! On social media, everyone seems all cute trying to buy all these new gadgets and toys, but Self-Care does not require any of that. You can use what you have and start where you are! If you have a beating heart and a body, that is all you need!

4. It is not only done on Sundays or the weekend! Self-Care can be done every single day of the week if your heart desires!

 And last but not least:

5. Self-Care is not about caring for others (-_-) ... some of you all knew that already but for the other 20%, I just needed to reiterate that. Although, sometimes Self-Care can include other people, they are not the primary focus! 


So the question of the day: How can I start practicing Self-Care today? Well, thank you for asking!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, I am going to give you 15 ideas below that are FREE and doable. Check them out!:


  1. Go for a walk! Invite a friend or go solo! Especially if you work from home, get up from time to time and get that body moving!
  2. Work out! Either join an online class or go to Pinterest for at-home workout routines and videos for free! The Nike Training Club App is also a great way to get moving with a trainer or by yourself!
  3. Learn how to cook a new recipe and if you don't know how to cook, baby, you gone learn today!
  4. Learn a new hobby whether that may be playing a new sport, hand-crocheting a blanket, or refurbishing old furniture and giving it a little umph!
  5. Journal, write a poem or write a song! If you have a situation on your mind, writing helps you to tell your story rather than keeping it to yourself and replaying the scenarios in your head over and over again.
  6. Practice meditation or mindfulness! These are not about controlling the mind and forcing yourself to stop thinking- you are simply allowing your mind to wander, then release the thoughts and bring them back to your breath to stay grounded.
  7. Draw a picture or paint- hone those creative juices!
  8. Organize your home, one room at a time- the better your home and safe space looks, the better you'll feel.
  9. Read daily affirmations or quotes before you start your day!
  10. Drink some tea, sip some wine, or take a shot, or two! (Drink responsibly, of course)
  11. Sit back and watch your favorite movies and catch up on your favorite shows if you haven't done that already!
  12. Take a shower or a bath and use our Margarita Body Slushie, Body Soufflés, and Body Oils (Yes, shameless plug!). If you want to have a true at-home spa experience, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, too, using our products!
  13. Remove Social Media for a week or so and read! Whether you read a hard copy book, an e-book or the Bible, get your read on! 
  14. Wear a new hairstyle or a new outfit and get real Cute/Sexy/Fine! For who? Yourself, duh! If you are feeling yourself, have a photo shoot and if you want to become a professional, buy a Wireless Shutter Remote Control on Amazon for less than $10 so you can set up your phone and keep clicking without interruptions! Moral of the story is, when you look good, you feel good. No ifs, ands or buts about it!
  15. For my deep thinkers: Take a moment to reflect on your past, present and future: Do you need emotional healing from your past? Are you currently in a negative headspace or are you feeling a sense of anxiety for the future? The more you learn about your emotions and put a name to them, you'll be able to control them much quicker than before. If any issues arise in this exercise, attending therapy and speaking to a professional may help you pinpoint what issues you may need to address! (Therapy/Seeking professional help is advised!)


No matter how much of a "struggle" your mind will convince you that this will be, promise me you'll take your first step and try at least one, if not, all of them!


We'd love to hear from you! Comment down below and share with us what you've tried so far!


UP NEXT: 5 Ways To Safely Include Others Into Your Self-Care Routine!


Thank you! #12 is my favorite. And in that same order- Margarita Body Slushie, Body Soufflés, and last Body Oil before I put on nice soft night wear. I actually did that twice in the last week. 😊
They are all great ideas. I also did #10 and #11 this past 7 days. Wine and watching a good movie was much needed. Im looking forward to trying #13, #14, and #15.

Ms. ROSE February 14, 2024

I love every single one of your reasons, and although I have not tried them all I have applied a few. These products are definitely made with hands of love and a true purpose which has inspired me to try a few. Thank you for thoughtfulness, your guft, and your hard work.

Jeannine November 15, 2022

I so love this! This is life giving indeed! You go girl!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Tessa Ezeh July 10, 2021

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