Thymeless: Nurturing Our Skin with Self-Care

I chose the name Thymeless due to the amazing impact and benefits of Thyme on the skin (duh!), but Thymeless also represents the fact that Self-Care, Skin Care and Self-Love NEVER GETS OLD!

Thymeless represents the "Slow Down", "Take Your Time", "Be Present" of all collections. All of your responsibilities will be there, waiting for you, but if you aren't at 100%, how are you expected to get the work done, or create lasting relationships, make dinner for your family, or boss-up in your own life at 100% as well?

We have to change the narrative that we come first! Because if our cup is empty, how can we fill anyone else's cup? Get comfy with the idea that things won't be complete if you are not working at your best and highest potential. Get comfy with the idea that if you don't get yourself together, nothing else will fall in line until you do! 

Self-Care is the best chance we have to living our best life- start living now and take care of you FIRST!

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