Bare: The Power of Vulnerability

Our Bare Collection is the true representation of Vulnerability. It's a reminder to remain true to who you are. From relationships to society and our careers, there are many opportunities to lose yourself or become someone that we never wanted to be. We allow ourselves to become tainted but what society considers perfect, or in-style, or "the right way" (whatever that even means!). However, in this season, we ask that you work consistently to be your best self and to choose to be honest.

Vulnerability takes courage because everyone may not be able to accept the real you- but we ask that you show her/him anyway! In the process of showing vulnerability and showing us the real you, you will lose friends and people along the way, but as a gentle reminder- The right people will come into your life- the ones who will accept every part of your being. Don't stunt your growth by allowing small minds to have control over your life, besides you're the one who has to walk in your own shoes and live it- why not live it in your own terms? 

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