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Thymeless Cleansing Powder


Introducing Our NEW! Thymeless Cleansing Powder. This water-activated cleanser helps to gently exfoliate the skin while restoring it to a smooth and even texture. 

Why Powder? Because we are a holistic and health-conscious company and we chose this formula to avoid using any preservatives and synthetics that would affect the integrity of our products! 


Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI), Kaolin Clay, Thyme Leaf Extract, Moringa Extract, Rose Kaolin Clay, Rosehips Extract, Hibiscus Extract, Green Tea Extract, Tulsi Extract, Xanthan Gum. 


⚠️ SCI Powder is derived from Coconuts- please refrain from using if you have a coconut allergy. ⚠️


Kaolin Clay and Rose Kaolin Clay work together to prevent acne, unclog pores and remove excess sebum production to calm oily skin.

Thyme Leaf Extract is our star ingredient, acting as an Anti-Acne agent in this amazing and handmade formula. It targets and clears Acne-Causing Bacteria and this is our natural alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide, a chemical used to treat acne and its bacteria. However, Benzoyl Peroxide can cause the skin to become extremely dry, causing more issues than it can solve.

We also added Green Tea, Hibiscus, Tulsi and Moringa to help your skin with an all-time glow, moisturized and supple skin with its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties along with a slight exfoliation, leaving clean and healthy skin.

And just like any good thing, this Cleanser will be what you need every Thyme.



Wet your hands and face, first. Then pour a dime-sized amount onto your palm, and add a few drops of water until it forms a nice lather. Rub on your face in circular motions for 1-3 minutes to let the ingredients soak into your skin, then rinse and pat dry your face. Then follow-up with Our NEW! Thymeless All-In-One Serum or Bare Organic Shea Butter. 

Size: 2oz. This cleanser can be good for 120+ uses!

Shelf Life: 2 years

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