Glow With Flo

Sweet Dreams


Have you ever had a dream or daydream that was so strange and had random characters in one place? Have you ever dreamed of situations that, later, became true? Or have you ever had the best and craziest dream ever, only for you to forget it and the tiny details in a matter of seconds?

Well, lucky you, this journal gives you the opportunity to keep all of your dreams in one place and one notebook. Whenever you have a weird daydream or a strange nightmare or even the most beautiful dream, write it down!

Some dreams may come as a spiritual download, giving you a warning about a situation or people; some dreams may be manifestations of how you want your life to be in the future; while other dreams could simply be because you watched a scary movie or ate something strange before falling asleep. This simple gesture may prove that you are stronger, smarter and more intuitive than you think. So just write it down and date it, and you'll be able to learn a ton about yourself and your habits with this journal. Enjoy!


This Notebook comes with:

  • Paperback cover with a matte finish
  • 85 Sheets
  • 6" W x 9" L

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